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Praying for One Another (Digital Downloads)

by Patsy Cameneti.

This product is a digital download. No physical product will be mailed. Once order is placed online, you will receive your download link/s in your inbox. Please contact us if you have a trouble downloading your files.


In your prayer closet, God’s presences is the sweetest thing in life. Dispensing that same life giving presence to others through your prayer can also be really sweet. You can be part of bringing people to wholeness in God through the ministry of reconciliation!


Wells Turn into Rivers

Your salvation is like a well of living water, but God wants that well to flow like a river. When that well flows as a river, it brings life to your life. But even more than that, it brings life to others as well.


Fill in the Gaps

Jesus came to stand in the gap for us. He is the absolute Intercessor and He made reconciliation possible for us! We are called to continue the ministry of reconciliation and to fill in the gaps in people’s lives, bringing wholeness. Learn just how we can fulfil the ministry of reconciliation given to us by Jesus and stand in the gap for those who have gaps.

Praying for One Another (Digital Downloads)

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