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Secrets to Powerful Prayer

Effective prayer – it’s the most powerful force in the world. It can move mountains and change lives. In the Old Testament it stopped time and made the sun stand still. It won wars and brought fire from heaven. In the New Testament it worked miracles, opened prison doors and sent angels to the rescue.

Most of us have discovered that there is more to prayer thank just blurting out, “God help me!” in every situation. There are scriptural principles and divine precepts we must learn if we want to pray the kinds of prayers we see in the Bible. If we want to get results, we must learn how to talk to God not just according to human ideas or religious traditions. We must learn to talk to God His way.

In this book Lynne Hammond and Patsy Cameneti share some of what they’ve learned about the different kinds of prayer, how to pray them and when they are most effective.


Secrets to Powerful Prayer

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